Unallowed Site Use Notification


Oopsy daisy!

It is not normal that you, valued visitor, landed on this page.

There are 2 major reasons why you landed here:

You're flipping through the pages too fast and you are consulting the different pages faster than a human can read through the page.
You can get several of these warnings before you'll get actually blocked, so don't pannic.
So please slow down and enjoy the wealth of information you can find here. Don’t take this as an accusation of some wrongdoing.
This page serves only to warn human visitors so that they will take this message into account and slow down
while automated robots or programs neglect them and get banned after a short while.

You've entered an URL into your browser that is malformed and has been considered by the programming scripts as an MYSQL Injection.
You were blocked right away!
If, by any chance, I have blocked you by mistake, please send me an email.



This kind of 'site protection' is only there because of all these bad boys,
who let machines loose on the site to grab all texts or other information
with the sole purpose to make money on the back of someone else,
stressing the servers so much that they go down on their knees,
making the site unavailable for real human visitors
and causing me to spend an enormous amount of money for the hosting of the site.

It even forced me to create mirror sites hosted on several servers to balance the load.

This is a free time project without any income of it and want to keep it that way.

At some point in time there were more than 712 different robots/spiders/harvesters/site copiers harassing the site per day.
They passed by several times a day, downloading around 30000 pages per visit, stressing the servers and consuming huge bandwidth.
They consumed around 40 GB/day while the monthly allowed bandwith was 45 GB, so I couldn't keep my site up for 2 days a month!
I have to pay extra for each Mb consumed above this allowance.
That is way off!
The site is frequently very slow due to server overload.
It's becoming too expensive for a hobby site.

I'm currently trying to keep the bad boys out (it's like sweeping with the water still running; kill one and gain four others).

On the other hand it's very frustrating to see that your work is to be found on several other lyrics sites
(with the same orthographic errors)
or like last year you get contacted by someone
who wants to sell his lyrics database for 3000 Euro's with a small sample of the database to sell
and then you have to conclude it's your own website content.
After some investigations the guy already sold 'his' database more than 16 times!!!


By the way,
I don't block a certain Matt, Deborah, Jack or whatever.
I may block an IP number like!
I don't have any clue who's behind that address,
so I need your Internet IP address in case an un-blocking should come in order.


If, by any chance, I have blocked you by mistake, please send me an email.



Your IP address:






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